Bopal a Thriving Property Market!

The interest of thriving investors and a larger populace of non-resident Indians in Ahmedabad is one of the reasons for the growth in demand of Real estate property in Ahmedabad. The real estate market of Ahmedabad has grown manifold ways because of progressive policies and many initiatives for development. To reap a healthy return on investment, investors are now heading to this city for buying property. Some localities have grown three fold in the past few years and have now become residential and commercial investment destination. Bopal is one such place that has grown Manifold !

In the last few years, Bopal, Ahmedabad, has experienced an exponential growth in terms of urban development. Lands are now marked with many new commercial and residential buildings. With BRTS starting in that area, connecting to many places has resulted in a lot of development. Many other developments such as malls, multiplex, and outlets of convenience stores opening up have made Bopal an in demand option for residents. The new flyover at Bopal crossroad ease out route for commuters. The business and industrial property is a major reason behind fueling demand and real estate growth in Ahmedabad.

Few points to understand why is Bopal considered as a booming area:

In terms of connectivity:

Bopal area have been developed to a large extent with the development of SP Ring Road and its proximity to SG Highway. This is one of the prime reasons buyers are encouraged to shift in this area. Bopal is also close to Gokuldham-Sanand, which is a hub for many automobile industries. All these are a very strong reasons for fueling growth in this area.

Commercial aspect:

With the influx of large number of residents in Bopal there is a scope for availability of all basic amenities. Anyone who is looking for a good ROI can think of commercial properties in this area. Hence, investment return in these strategic location for commercial properties has better scope and future.

Ongoing development:

Due to BRTS route the transportation and infrastructure development in this area has made its way. With AUDA taking care of sanitation for this area and real estate companies launching projects almost every month, this area has long way to go. Its proximity to S.G Highway and the availability of premier educational institutes is an aided advantage for families residing in Bopal.

Not only Bopal, even South Bopal is also considered one of the important areas. This place has developed into self-sufficient neighborhood and has schools, colleges, banks, pharmacies, hospitals, shopping malls, in close proximity. It now considered as a posh neighbor because mainly the residents comprise of executives and senior level management employed.

Life is much appreciated in a place where you attain peacefulness of mind with all basic amenities is made available to you nearby. Westridge, a luxurious villa by Pacifica, located in Bopal offers everything that you need in your perfect place called home!