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Vaastu Shastra : Real Estate

Vaastu Shastra:

Vaastu Shastra is the term that deals with certain aspects of designing and building living atmosphere that is in harmony with the physical and meta physical forces. Vaastu Shartra also called as Prana in Sanskrit, plays a vital role in India. Vaastu is conceptually similar to Feng Shui, as both tries to harmonize the flow of energy. Vaastu helps to harmonize the exact directions in which the objects, rooms and materials are to be placed.

All places and the physical manifestation of a dwelling are termed as “Vaastu or Vrddhi”. Both the terms originated from “Vas” means to dwell, live, stay.

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Mainly there are four categories in Vaastu:

  • The Earth/site also called as “Bhoomi”, the principal dwelling.
  • The structures, arrangements or constructions on earth also called as “Prasada”.
  • Movable objects as vehicles also called as “Yaana”.
  • Furniture also called as “Sayana”. 

All the above said categories suggest Vaastu Shastra starting from real estate property selection, site planning, site direction, position of rooms to the character of buildings.

Basics of Vaastu: Five Elements of Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu deals with direction, movement and architecture combining all the five elements of nature and balances these five elements with human beings and the materials. Hence, the five elements also called as “Paancha Maha Bhootas” in Sanskrit, leads their way to enhance wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in the corresponding human beings life.

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There five elements are:

Earth (Bhoomi) – It is the third planet starting from the Sun. It is said to be the biggest magnet with north and south poles as the centre of attractions. This gravitational force attracts all the living and non living beings that stay on earth.

Water (Jala) – All the rains, ponds, rivers, seas and even oceans comes under this category.  Water, so called Jala will be in solid form as ice and in gas form as steam and clouds. It plays a big role in every body’s life.  Blood inside the human being is nothing but water with hemoglobin and oxygen.

Air (Vayu) – This element also plays a big role in all the living beings.  We can’t live at least for a minute without air.  The values of a human being depends on almost all the forms of air as humidity, air flow, temperature, air pressure, air composition and its content.

Fire (Agni) – It represents light and heat without which our lives will be under darkness. All the days, nights, seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion is because, of this light and heat only.

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Space (Aakasha) – This element provides shelter to all the human beings as well as to the above said elements.

Directly or indirectly there is an invisible relation between all these five elements.  Also it is proved that human being cannot survive without these elements.  Hence, by making proper alignments to our living environment or to the real properties, we can gain the complete positive effects of all these natural resources.



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