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We Develop And Construct
PacificaGujarat - 5 star Hotel Pacifica Companies build’s first time in Gujarat – a project of 5 star Hotel - Courtyard Marriot on S.G.Highway, Ahmadabad
Pacifica Gurgaon IT Park
Project Area 0.6 Million Sq. Ft.
Pacifica Ahmedabad Projects
Green Acres Residential
Project Area 0.67 Million Sq. Ft.
La Habitat Residential
Project Area 5.5 Million Sq. Ft.
Courtyard By Marriott
(5 Star Hotel) 165 Rooms.
Star Catagory Hotel
Project Area 0.6 Million Sq. Ft.
Pacifica Hyderabad 4 Star Hotel
Project Area 0.16 Million Sq. Ft.
Pacifica Pune
Mix Use Project

Project Area 1.1 Million Sq. Ft.
Township Project
Project Area 140 acres
Pacifica Bangalore
Mix Use Project

Project Spread over 3 Acres of Land
Hotel Project
1 Mid Market & 1 Budget Hotel in whitefield area
Hotel Project on Outer Ring Road
Project Area 0.08 Million Sq. Ft.
Pacifica Chennai
IT Park

Project Area 1.1 Million Sq. Ft.
Township Project
Project Area 92 acres of Land in Paddur
PacificaPacifica signed an MOU of 100 Crores for Courtyard Marriott during Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit ’07 with Government of Gujarat & Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. (TCGL).
PacificaPacifica signed an MOU of 1000 Crores for residential and townships, projects with Government of Gujarat during Vibrant Gujarat Urban Summit ’07
PacificaOpen new office in Delhi.& Chennai
Pacifica Events :
Pacifica Took Part in GIHED Award
Event , Business and Trade Show and Car n Home Show Recently.
PacificaPacifica Tech Park at Chennai, started a year back,  is ready for Lease/Fit outs in committed time   period and made available now.
PacificaGreen Acre & La Habitat are residential Projects launched in Ahmedabad

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Reverse Mortgage, an emerging formula to unlock revenue potential

By using a reverse mortgage, home owners are able to capitalize on the equity of their real estate properties at least at the age of 62 years. At present maximum senior citizens are availing this reverse mortgages as it is a new source for cash income. This loan amount can be used for home maintenance, repairs, hospital bills and for taking a well deserved vacation. Reverse mortgages are simply providing a means for senior citizens to proceed and enjoy in their further lives.

Homeowners ensure a regular cash flow in times of need and enjoy the benefit of staying in the real property. The main motive of a reverse mortgage is to turn an immovable property to a liquid asset that generates a return while it is used by the real owner. The concept of reverse mortgage is of immense use in unlocking the otherwise illiquid asset. Immovable property is treated as one of the most illiquid assets. Reverse mortgage tends to unlock the liquidity potential and helps the owner to get a decent return from his real estate, without having to part with it.

The entire program of a reverse mortgage is based on only three areas: the age of the borrower, amount of the equity of the home and interest rates. The older the borrower, the more money he receives. The borrower has a luxury to select in which form he wishes to receive the money. However, this clause is based on the nature of financial need.

Advantages of Reverse Mortgage

  • Homeowners hold back the title even after availing the loan. The lender never     takes control of the real property.

  • Your successors are not responsible to pay your loan back.  Lender takes back     his amount through the sale of the real property.  Reverse mortgage is not     expecting anything from your successors.  This means that this mortgage just     ends up you.

  • The aim of a reverse mortgage is to help the senior citizens by providing a     financial support in their second innings. The borrower may remain in their     house as long as they wish. Reverse mortgage claims the money only at the     time the real estate property is sold.

  • Foreclosure: This word arises in reverse mortgage only due to the improper     maintenance of the house, insurance bill pending, tax bill pending and if the     homeowner is absent for 12 months consecutively.

  • Consider four things to consider reverse mortgage
    One should consider four important things before applying for a reverse mortgage: 

  • Ensure whether you need a reverse mortgage or any other type of mortgage can    do better.  Determine yourself your needs, financial situations and think whether    you can meet your requirements by depending on reverse mortgage or not.

  • Consult an approved Reverse Mortgage Counselor to choose the best that suits     for you among the different types of reverse mortgages.

  • Be sure that not all the organizations offer the same.  When analyze the best of    all and proceed further.

  • Consider whether you are eligible for any public benefits in reverse mortgage or     not.  Study the entire procedure of reverse mortgage payments before ink on     the agreement.  Other wise you may go default for some hidden clauses.


    Green Acres
    La Habitat
    Pacifica Tech Park OMR
    Courtyard by Marriot Hotel
    Business Park