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Real Estate Glossary (A-Z)

Pacifica Companies, the legendary name known for its world class real estate projects explained all the terms that are related to real estate (A-Z) under the article named “real estate glossary”. Our vision is to bring awareness among the browsers as well as the first time investors.

Real Estate Related Terms that Starts with A including Abatment Notice, Abstract of a Title, and Adjustment Mortgage.
Real Estate Terms with B as Balloon Mortgage, Real Estate Blanket Mortgage and Bond Market.
Real Estate Terms that Start with C including Real Estate Certificate of Occupancy, Real Estate Certificate of Title, Condominium and Cohousing Community.
Real Estate Terms including Sales Deed, Deed of Trust, Depreciation and dual Occupancy.
Real Estate Topics as Entitlement for Residential Property and Escrow Payment.
Real Estate Terms including Foreclosure and Fee Simple for Real Estate Property.
Real Estate Terms including Gable, Guardian, Good Faith Estimate and Grand Deed.
Real Estate Terms that Starts with H as Habitability, High Rise and Housing Tenure.
Real Estate Terms that Starts with I as Immovable Property, Internet Real Estate, Indian Venacular Architectures and Igloo.
Real Estate Terms including Joint Tenancy, Joint Mortgage and Judicial Foreclosure.
Real Estate Terms as Landlord, Lease Option, Lease Hold and Land Registration.
Real Estate Topic that Starts with M including Mortgage, Mortgage Broker, Market Value and Multiple Listing Services.
Real Estate Terms as Negative Amortization, Net Cash Flow, Negotiation, Notice of Default and Nuncupative Will.
Real Estate Glossary that Starts with O as Owner Occupany, Ownership, Obligation and Occupancy Permit.
Real Estate Terms as Private Equity Real Estate, Public Housing, Property Acquisition and Property Appraisal.
Real Estate Terms as Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Broker and the Difference Between Real Estate Investment and Gold Investment.
Real Estate Terms as Second Mortgage, Securitization, Squatting, Sweat Equity and Stigmatized Property.


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