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Increasing Demand for Plots & Land in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has become the core destination for real estate investments in Gujarat. The rising economy, increasing population, developing infrastructure, industrial, transport, educational and health care facilities have boosted the demand for Ahmedabad real estate. Today there is good demand for developed plots & land in Ahmedabad city especially in peripheral and suburb areas. These are the areas where developments are taking place rapidly and moreover the land prices are also comparatively less than the core areas. Therefore the investors prefer developed plots here so as avoid the real estate price inflation which is flowing through the developed areas of the city.

Plots or residential land in Nalsoravar is in good demand in the current situation. Nalsarovar which is approximately 54 kms from Ahmedabad is a prime tourist destination in Gujarat. This is the hub of one of the Asia’s best bird sanctuaries. Most of the real estate developers in Ahmedabad and surrounding regions are eyeing this area for next property developments and as such property here is in good demand thereby giving investors a lucrative opportunity to make profits. More than 15 real estate projects and various housing schemes are underway on the 42-km long Sanand-Nalsarovar road at present. According to real estate developers this trend is going to improve further in coming days because of the low land rates and good transportation facilities available in this region. Therefore one cannot neglect the surrounding areas when it comes to land buying in Ahmedabad. Because of the increasing connectivity and affordability that these areas offer, the land and plots in Ahmedabad in such outer peripheral areas is increasing day by day.

Plotted developments are usually those which include utilities like road, water, proper sewage system, added amenities etc. Therefore are good residential schemes to invest for future developments or as add-on to your possessions. However undeveloped is not an exception. Even undeveloped land seems to be at top of the demand in Ahmedabad city. With increasing number of constructions and land getting scarce, it is becoming difficult to find land for construction and investment. Therefore each and every piece of whether a plotted development or undeveloped has good demand in the city today.

But however according to property developers in Ahmedabad in order to derive substantial returns on investment one should rightly select the horizon in which to invest. For instance those looking for a short horizon investment period should invest in areas within or in closer distance to the city while for a longer investment period land or plots in farther areas will also be a good choice.

Ahmedabad is also a hub of several business, IT and industrial establishments. In recent times several reputed companies and organizations have launched their activities in the city and many of them are yet to come. Therefore land and plots for development also in good demand for commercial developments apart from residential purpose among these companies looking to establish their commercial spaces in the city.

A few years back buying land or plots in metro city like Ahmedabad was quite difficult because of the huge amount of money one had to spend and also for the improper security of the plot or land which was at the investor’s own risk. But now with changes in methods in real estate buying and selling plots and land has become much simplified. With the help of real estate consultants one can easily find and buy land or plots with affordability of price and security measures. Therefore it's the right time to choose your own plot to build your dream home upon in the vibrant Ahmedabad city.

This article has been written by Bedanta Das working with Pacifica Companies. Pacifica Companies is a US based real estate company known for its world-class construction projects across US and India. Various innovative residential and commercial projects like apartments, township homes, bungalows, villas, It parks, mixed use projects and commercial buildings complete the diverse portfolio of the builder.
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