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Commercial Real Estate in India

Gone are days when India was considered to be the country of agriculture and farmers. Now it is well known due to its high tech companies and software professionals. India is the 2nd most populated country and have second largest workforce. This population has attracted all MNC’s and has truly become land of opportunity in today’s world. In this land of opportunity prices of land are as high as opportunities. Commercial real estate in India is on fire at this moment.

2010 has brought a new ray of hope in the realty sector of India after facing tremendous recession in year 2009. The Indian economy is rapidly recovering, resulting in the Indian property market to reach out new heights of achievements, especially with respect to commercial estates.

After recession, India witnessed increase in business activities. Hence, the demand for commercial properties in India increased causing the property developers to take up challenging commercial projects. Important Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are witnessing the strong-end user demand for commercial projects. This demand have eventually lead to the expansion of business and hence, benefiting the commercial land lords.

Increasing demand for the commercial property in India would receive a further boost due to the favorable monetary policies taken up by the Indian government in 2010. Many realty developers in India offer various services like property valuation and property management services for easy assessment of the property.

Among the commercial properties in India the most popular and demanding categories are the shopping malls, multiplexes , IT spaces and branded retail outlets. There is tremendous demand of such facilities and lifestyle at all the locations in the country is buzzing the commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate developers in India are coming up with mass developments of commercial properties for sale, for rent and for lease. Real estate values in commercial sector are experiencing high annual appreciation of approximately 8-11 per cent.

All real estate developers are constructing commercial projects and are making huge profit of it. For an individual also buying commercial properties in India is always profitable venture and the annual returns are also high. It fetches you a handsome monthly rental and works as an additional source of income. This can be substantiated by example that prices for a residential apartment have risen to 15-20% since 2009.

Commercial real estate development is rapidly taking place at all up growing cities in India and in the developing tier- 2 cities. Most of the corporate house involved in IT services prefers to establish their offices in such cities due to cheaper land rate.

One reason why commercial real estate market in India is gaining pace is the international marketing equation. According to international marketing equation, India is the primary market in world. This is because of huge population and wide consumption of this population. Hence the companies interested in property investment in India are plunging into Indian market to set their foot mark which has given a primary boost to commercial real estate market.
Second reason is the purchasing power of Indian consumer. Purchasing power of Indian consumer especially middle class has increased. Lifestyle changed due to increase in purchase power and hence demands of malls, multiplexes, shopping centers, showrooms and other commercial property in India increased, and this gave boost to commercial real estate in India.

Domestic investors and foreign investors both find it profitable to invest in commercial property in India. According to market analysts, trends will continue with the increasing interest of MNC’s in India, increase in lifestyle of people, and strong consumer base who thinks that investing in land is better than investing in stock market. And if trend continues in similar fashion then one day prices of commercial real estate in India will reach to sky high.


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