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How Chennai Real Estate Agents Association has Helped Real Estate in Chennai?

Chennai, the IT hub of India is one of the rapidly progressing metropolitan cities where developments in each and every sector including industrial, engineering, health care, business and real estate are on high. Today Chennai is one of the most important destinations down in South India for real estate investments. Rapidly developing infrastructure, transport and economical conditions of the city are the main reasons behind this.

Real estate in Chennai is very much organized today. It has got a professional and disciplined approach because of the formation of CREAA, The Chennai Real Estate Agents Association. In 1999, some competent and experienced real estate organizations or companies united together to form a non-profit entity for the sake of real estate agents in Chennai. This entity came to be known as Chennai Real Estate Agents Association. The purpose of formation of this professional real estate body was to promote real estate in the city while providing quality services and customer satisfaction and protecting the interests of realtors. Today CREAA is a reputed entity which is gaining popularity among the local people in Chennai and also among the Chennai realtors who are now looking forward to join the association for credibility and benefits offered by the association.

The association is a member of National Association of Realtors in India and therefore any real estate company which gets the membership in this entity means that it is also a member of NAR-India which is a national level realtors association offering exclusive benefits to its members. The members of CREAA are able to enjoy the advantage of all those benefits which NAR-India members get. Credibility is top of the benefits. Credibility as a realtor is very necessary for every real estate company in order to promote its services and therefore members of CREAA very well gain this as they become the beneficiaries of credible image of realtor profession in India. For a local Chennai real estate developer joining CREAA means to get an automatic recognition among all the State Associations. This gives them an opportunity to promote or market their properties to other buyers/investors across the nation and on the international basis. In this way even the local real estate firms in Chennai are now getting the consumer recognition in local as well as global markets.

The regular meetings, seminars and webinars conducted on regular basis by the association helps the member realtors by enhancing their professional skills while keeping them updated with latest happenings in the real estate which gives them a better knowhow of the market. Professional development, research and exchange of information among the association members promotes better understanding of the real estate strategies and technologies among the real estate developers who will get to know more efficient and better ways to develop properties which in turn will help in the real estate development in the city. The Chennai real estate agents association is form of networking which has brought a mutual understanding among the realtors in the city who are now working collectively as team to develop real estate in the city. It is because of these collective efforts of the realtors that real estate in Chennai has today has boosted up with innovative changes and advancements. The real estate companies in Chennai today are adhering to strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as CREAA members. Therefore a proper discipline in real estate business has developed. The consumers are able to enjoy the standard and quality real estate services only because of this formation which has made the real estate sector of the city much organized.

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