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Buying Residential Land in Ahmedabad - Things to Consider Before Buying Land

There is good demand for land in Ahmedabad. Land for the construction of residential property is in demand among the constructors, property buyers and NRI investors who are looking to invest in real estate in the city. Today the industrial, economical, transport, educational and healthcare developments in the city are going up and as such more and more people are showing interest to invest in residential properties whether readymade homes or residential land. Land availability is good in Ahmedabad as compared to other metropolitan cities in India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi where construction rate has gone up in few years and land for construction has become difficult to find. The property and land prices in these top metros of India are reaching skies and therefore majority of the land buyers are now turning towards cities like Ahmedabad for real estate investment.

The residential land in Ahmedabad is available in two forms – developed and undeveloped. Developed land has all the facilities supporting property construction and therefore one can readily construct a property without having to go for any modifications or installations like repairing or installing a sewage system, adding road facilities, clearing obstructions in the construction area like trees, leveling the surface and much more. While on the other hand undeveloped land calls for all this. Therefore developed residential land or plots can be good choice for those looking to construct home with the choicest facilities and amenities in it.

Land can be found in different sizes and there are several things one needs to check out while buying a piece of land for residential development. Following are some of the few important things considering which one can find the right piece of land best suitable to his/her requirements in the vibrant Ahmedabad city.

Location is one of the most important things one needs to decide on before buying a piece of land. You need to set up your mind in terms of right area like whether you are looking for investment in core areas, outer areas, developing areas or developed areas of the city. For example if you are looking to buy a residential plot in a developed area for best investment profits, there is no doubt that  areas like S.G Highway, Thaltej, Satellite which are the prime regions of the city are good for consideration. But if it’s an investment for future property development or just to add-on to your possessions, whether you are thinking of developing a farm house where you can spend some quality time with your family & friends in leisure, then Sanand-Nalsarovar road is just the right place for you. In recent times lot of activity has been going around this venture which is also named to be the tourist’s path. One of the Asia’s best birds sanctuary is located at this location and therefore this spot is a major tourist destination nearby the city. Land at this location is very much in demand right now and is expected to increase in coming years too. Considering a land purchase at this point of location can be very profitable. Moreover location will also decide the budget for your investment because property and land rates are different in different parts of the city. So selection of right location is really important.

Check for all the necessary land permissions and restrictive covenants associated with the location and property development there. Because it’s the covenants which can also address the minimum size residence allowed, the number of homes on a lot and what type of construction the home must be, it is essential you know of any covenants before you buy the land.

Take out a survey of your piece of land and look out for any liens and easements attached with it. Check out to know what utilities have been brought to the property. If the existing land does not support any, then determine the cost and effort of bringing utilities and roads onto your property. This will help you tune your planning for land purchase.

Always hire a reliable and experienced real estate consultant who can guide you and lead you through a right, legal and efficient land buying procedure.

Buying a developed plot is also a good idea to get free from all these surveying procedures. A developed plot will usually include all the necessary utilities and offer you a convenient, easy and worthy land buying experience. For those looking for buying developed plots, Pacifica offers a good option in its upcoming residential plotted development project, Sanguine estates. Visit http://www.pacificacompanies.co.in/plotted_development_project_sanguine_estates.html to know more about this project.

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