Women hold the key in home buying decisions

Buying a home is an incredible accomplishment you achieve in your life. Till now it has largely been a masculine landscape where women have mostly remained unentitled. But now, women’s decision in home buying is increasing. A decade ago, independent Indian women capable enough to buy her home was a rare case. However, things have changed today and we have witnessed a significant paradigm shift where buying a home is no longer only a man’s decision.

Developers are very much aware that women plays an important role in family’s purchase decision therefore they are starting to now recognize and cater to this market segment.
Today, Indian women have the confidence and are very much able to fulfill their dreams of buying their own home for this women are getting special attention from the government and banks as well. In today’s scenario, we see a lot more women working to chase their dreams.

These financially independent women are looking to invest in their dream home not only as a place to build their nest but also as a worthwhile investment.

Benefits of buying home in your name:

• Special discounted offers by select developers
• Higher Tax deduction.
• Lower home loan interest rate.

Buying a home is not just a matter of instinct, but it also involves adequate planning and foresight. Women are taking their financial independence to a whole new level by investing in property for long term security for them and their families.

Indian women, now have much exposure about making wise decisions as they understand the importance of homeownership, this is the reason they plan for a financially secure life.
The trend of independent women purchasing a home is predicted to increase and real estate developers should encourage this momentum & do their bit by empowering women. Few such real estate players have now understood this trend and are focusing on creating special offers for women to own homes.

All in all, this gender role reversal has definitely been welcome & we look forward to seeing a lot more Indian women become first time home owners.
We at Pacifica thrive to ensure, that the usually complicated home buying process is made easy for our women buyers so that they can dream a home in their name, with added benefits.

This women’s day gift yourself a home!!