Why is monsoon best time to buy property?

The essence of monsoon season is very joyous because it spreads happiness and rejuvenates your experience. Monsoon season brings you a certain amount of Vitality and joy with tea, coffee and fritters along with a view of beautiful rain drops dripping down the window pane. Isn’t it a priceless moment to enjoy this view in the comfort of your beautiful home? For a lot of home buyers during the monsoon season, there is a preconceived notion that finding a home in this season is not a good option because the market becomes sluggish. On the contrary this is one of the perfect seasons to buy your dream home.

This season has a lot of surprises stored in for those who wish to buy their dream abode in monsoon. Not only this, a lot of exceptional offers such as future ready homes with home automation, Jacuzzi bath or steam sauna bath, biometric main door, cashback, maintenance waiver charges, Allied charges, discounts. Well, these are facilities that can only be provided by a well and reputed builders on whom you can trust upon to buy your home.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose to buy your dream during the rainy season

Location: According to advisors of real estate home buyers should visit the construction site during monsoon. This will give them an insight of the traffic, the waterlogging situation in the area, the availability of local transport and the upkeep and maintenance of the site during this season.

Quality of construction: Being a beautiful season monsoon also allows you to check the overall construction quality of the homes. Rain reveal every pros and cons of a home. Few common issues like seepage in ceiling are common problems which occur during rain. Take monsoon test for you home and get to know about construction and planning flaws in the project.

DiscountsSince we all know that August season is the start of festive season hence, a lot of reputed real estate companies provide offers depending on their projects. This season is regarded as the lean period because demands for buying home tends to dip during monsoon. During this time there is scope for you to negotiate for your dream home. As a potential buyer, this season can be regarded as the best season to buy a home because of discounts offered by developers such as “your home, your price” where customers get to negotiate and state their price for their home. Offers such as getting cashback on paying a certain amount is also a profitable deal to accept while buying a home. These offers are the best way to ensure that you can now buy a home of your choice with huge discounts.

Some people might think that buying a home during monsoon season is not a good deal because the developers offer these discounts only to boost sales, but as a potential buyer point of view, the monsoon is the best to avail discounts and buying home.

More seller waits for a potential buyer so the sellers also offer discounts in this season. Also, on the account of the festive season that falls during the month of September-October, developers offer discounts for buying home.

Some additional advantage of buying homes in monsoon:

• You can easily gauge the property pertaining to any construction glitch.
• You may get to buy home at a negotiated price.
• For those who have not taken the plunge so far, monsoon period is perfect to buy home.
• This season helps you judge the potential investment value of a new property.

Monsoon gives home buyers astute reasons to buy home. At Pacifica we build homes that is aesthetically designed for monsoon with premium construction quality so that you can enjoy your hot cuppa in this rainy season worry free.